Molex IPR Statement

Molex hereby provides notice that Molex has filed for patent protection that may result in necessary claims related to SFP-DD design, including but not limited to, US Pat. Nos. D840344, D840,345, and US Pub. Nos. 2020-0343673 (notice of allowance received), and 2020-0169044, as well as any foreign counterparts thereto. Molex hereby agrees that for any necessary claims Molex will grant a license on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms to companies requesting such a license. Please note that Molex reserves the right to increase the cost for a licensee that refuses to take a license and forces Molex to use legal action in order to enforce Molex’s rights.

TE Connectivity IPR Statement

Given the rev 5.0 SFP-DD specification dated October 1, 2021, TE would like to state its current belief that the TE patent family having US patent 10923856 could include essential claims for this SFP-DD draft specification and that TE has filed for other patent protection that may result in essential claims related to the current SFP-DD specification.  Further, TE has a patent family having US patent 6816376 including claims believed to be relevant to an optional feature of (although not essential to) this SFP-DD specification.

Senko IPR Statement

Pursuant to Section 9 of the Agreement and to avoid any misunderstanding, Senko reviewed its pending applications and granted patents.  Senko discloses that it has presently pending patent applications and granted patents that may have essential claims to aspects of the SFP-DD interconnect design covering Senko’s SN® fiber optic connector or fiber optic transceiver technology.  Senko will be happy to answer any questions about these applications as they arise, and reserves the right to provide further and more detailed notifications pursuant to the Agreement as necessary.

US Conec IRP Statement

US Conec hereby discloses that it has pending patent applications that may include essential claims directed toward duplex optical connector plugs specified in SFP-DD. US Conec hereby declares that it will license under RAND terms pursuant to section 8 of the SFP-DD Multi Source Agreement any essential claims of the above applications or other US Conec owned patents.